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Teriyaki Chicken
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EASY AS 1, 2, 3 

Perfect for when you need a little help with executing an amazing setup.  Express Catering includes Delivery & full Set-up of your Party Package. No worries or hassles for you! 

Our staff will Set-up the entire disposable buffet display & leave before your guest arrive!  (For every Hot Item, you must purchase one (1) Heat Kit for proper set-up.  For Example: If you order three (3) hot items, two (2) cold items, you must add three (3) Heat kits to your order).

Step 1: View Our Menu

Step 1: Start by determining the nature of your order. If you wish to make a straightforward order and want an immediate estimate of the cost, click on the "View our menu" button. This will navigate you to our comprehensive menu where you can select your preferred items and receive an on-the-spot cost estimate, giving you a clear idea of your expenditure.

On the other hand, if you're looking to organize a more extensive event that needs specialized arrangements and detailed planning, select the "Event request" button. This will lead you to a dedicated form to provide all necessary information about your event. Fill in the specifics, including the type of event, number of guests, preferred date and time, among others. After your submission, a knowledgeable MMC representative will reach out to you to discuss your event in more depth, ensuring all your needs are meticulously addressed for a successful event.

Step 2: Choose Your Menu

Step 2: Choose your menu.

Step 3: Submit Your Request

Mashed Potatoes
Vegetable Pasta

Step 3: Proceed by clicking the 'Submit' button. After you've successfully submitted your event order, a representative from the MMC team will thoroughly review the details you provided. They'll reach out to you to confirm everything, ensuring that your requirements are accurately understood and can be met to your satisfaction. This interaction serves as a final opportunity for you to clarify or modify any aspect of your order before the event preparations start in earnest.

Full-Service catering included only with our Dinner Packages

Once your order is placed you need to do no more.  Our staff will deliver, Set-up & serve your guests, once dinner has been served, we will even breakdown and  package up any leftovers for you to take home!  You will get usage of our staff for 2.5 hours (included in pricing).  If you need more time, no worries- you can add on an extra hour for only $199!  There is a 15% service fee added to all dinner packages.

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