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Magnificent Morsels Catering

Reimagined Southern Elegance Catering

"Blending Nostalgia And Innovation Into Southern and Midwestern Cuisines"

“Proud Partner of the Cincinnati Bengals”

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At Magnificent Morsels, we believe every event is unique and deserves an exclusive touch. Our catering services are meticulously crafted to provide a fully personalized experience, tailored to fit the theme, scale, and unique needs of your event.

Our team, a medley of trained professionals, is committed to orchestrating a flawless event for you. From the first hors d'oeuvre served to the last glass of champagne poured, we ensure seamless execution, leaving your guests satiated and in awe of their experience.

Our goal? To transcend your expectations and create moments that delight and linger, turning every event we cater into a memorable culinary journey. Welcome to Magnificent Morsels, where we blend nostalgia and innovation into southern and midwestern cuisines, one event at a time."


Why Us?

Meticulously Crafted Cuisine. Personalized Experience.

Commitment To Serve.

You bring guests – We’ll do all the rest.


*Reliable Express Catering 

We take care of the cooking, setup, and decoration, leaving everything in perfect order for your guests to enjoy, giving you the freedom to take all the credit for a perfectly orchestrated event.


From Entrée To Appetizer's


Every plate, from our inventive appetizers to our luxurious main dishes, pays homage to home-cooked comfort while welcoming all dietary preferences, delivering an unforgettable gourmet adventure for all.

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Unique Menu Choice Cuisines

Our diverse menus celebrate authentic flavors with a creative and luxurious twist, ensuring a gastronomic adventure that caters to all dietary preferences, from vegetarian and vegan to gluten-free fare.

*Express Catering is a top choice for seamless event hosting.

Express catering is a service where our customers only have to order their dinner package, party package or lunch package, and we basically take care of the rest!  Our team will come in deliver, professionally set up the entire Package & be gone before the guests even arrive. This includes even setting it up on heat kits if hot items are ordered. (Heat kits are an additional fee $14.99ea) We suggest 1 heat kit per hot item ordered for best setup.


Long story short.... Just order & Enjoy!

Examples of Express

1. Party Package
2. Express Create your own Appetizer Bar package

GameDay Catering Package

Magnificent Morsel's
GameDay Catering Packages

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"HOME TEAM" Menu | $269
Feeds up to 15 people

50ct Wings (Herb Roasted, BBQ, or Buffalo)

1 16oz Ranch or Blue Cheese

Celery Sticks

Buffalo Dip and Chips

Fruit Tray

Vegetable Tray with Ranch

20ct Premium Deli Turkey Sliders

Remember, when Ordering...

1) Enter event details.

2) Select "Create your own party package".

3) Scroll down and choose desired party package.

"MVP" Menu | $299
Feeds up to 20 people

40ct Premium Deli Turkey Sliders

1 50ct Sticky Hickory Meatballs

1 Regular Pan Taco Salad with Tortillas

1 40-50ct Pinwheel Tray

Remember, when Ordering...

1) Enter event details.

2) Select "Create your own party package".

3) Scroll down and choose desired party package.

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"HALL OF FAME" Menu | $349
Feeds up to 25 people

100ct Wings (Herb Roasted, BBQ, or Buffalo

150ct Sticky Hickory Meatballs

Buffalo Dip and Chips

1 Large Taco Salad with Tortillas

40 Premium Deli Turkey Sliders

2 16oz Ranch or Blue Cheese

Celery Sticks

Remember, when Ordering...

1) Enter event details.

2) Select "Create your own party package".

3) Scroll down and choose desired party package.

Chef Crystal Render - Magnificent Morsels Catering in Cincinnati Ohio
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Quality Catering Your Guests Will Love
The Most Eloquent Event Need The Most Eloquent Food

Book Now, & We’ll get Cooking



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Magnificent Morsels Catering

“Proud Partner of the Cincinnati Bengals”


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